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Treat and Overcome Your Pornography Addiction

Internet, Sex and Porn Addiction: an exclusive self-help treatment

Treat and Overcome Your Pornography Addiction - CD

For anyone seeking freedom from sex addiction and pornography. Experience freedom from pornography addiction now. This information will change your life and set you free.
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Rebuild your relationship like never before.
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Are you looking to achieve total freedom from pornography use? This CD set is designed to give encouragement and support to men and women who are addicted to pornography and who may feel they are in the grip of additional sexual problems or issues. Here you will find important information and tools to give you the power and awareness that you can use to break free, in a safe environment of privacy, with or without the support of a wife, husband or partner.

Pornography addiction thrives on secrecy and deception, of first yourself, and then of those you love and care for. Use your CD set to shed some light on why you are addicted, why you are unable to stop, and gain insight on how you can come back into the light, to a place of honour and self respect.
Overcoming Online Pornography Addiction

Your chance to lose this addiction forever!
Over 2.5 hours of insight, practical advice and tools to use in the privacy of your own home.
This double CD, easy listening set, is a question and answer interview session with Philip Chave, director of research and education at The Haven Healing Centre in Cheddar, Somerset.
Here Phil gives you a detailed account of the tools you will need, and the correct way to apply them, to allow you to step back from the scourge of porn addiction, and find the peace and strength that will give you your life back.

The CD's will give you the answers to the most commonly asked questions, such as:
  • Why is pornography so powerful in its hold over people?
  • Is pornography really that addictive?
  • Is pornography a lifelong condition?
  • Does marriage, or a relationship, solve a porn addiction problem?
  • What does porn do to a relationship?
  • How do I cope with continual failure? Treat and Overcome Your Pornography Addiction - Lightscribe Label
  • Why are more and more women experimenting with pornography?
  • Are there any physical changes if I watch pornography?
  • Can pornography ever be a fulfilling replacement for a relationship?
  • How does a spouse know when their partner is looking at porn?
  • But there is sex and temptation all around me, how am I supposed to cope with that?
  • Is there a miracle cure for porn addiction?
  • Is it possible to have a healthy sex life after pornography addiction?
  • Why can't I just stop?
  • I can't forgive myself for being so weak. Is this because I'm a loser?
  • Will my partner ever trust me again?
  • I've been threatened with divorce if I fail and I'm terrified. Is this normal?
  • Is it okay to masturbate if I don't look at pornography?
In Conversation With Philip Chave: Understanding, Coping With & Eliminating Internet Pornography Addiction & Sex Addiction

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